Multi-Layer Collaborative Security - the only effective defense strategy

The way Stormshield sees it, cybersecurity is everybody’s business, and the only way for it to be effective is through collaboration. On that basis, the company has developed an innovative strategy: Multi-Layer Collaborative Security, better known as MLCS. This strategy redefines the paradigms of cybersecurity to take you into an era of collaboration and convergence.

The MLCS strategy can be defined in 3 collaborative layers:
• First and foremost, the convergence of technologies within a single appliance. The Stormshield Network Security (SNS) product range fits the bill best with its multifunction or UTM (Unified Threat Management) firewall. Various security engines on these products exchange information with one another in order to make decisions on whether to block traffic when necessary. With the GDPR looming ahead, this means that not only can intrusion, data theft or remote control (using rootkits, backdoors, etc.) attempts be detected, they can even be stopped.
• All dedicated devices and software programs will then also collaborate and exchange information with one another. In this way, each element in the cybersecurity chain captures information, which it will then record and redistribute to the other elements in order to synchronize defense policies. This may be an SNS (Stormshield Network Security) UTM alert that will automatically activate a traffic rule with SES, or an anticipation of a data leak when SES orders the shutdown of SDS in order to keep encrypted data depending on the network used.
• The last layer of this forward-thinking cybersecurity arsenal is the fact that the organization will start playing an active role in its own defense once it becomes a part of the Stormshield community. Every network and every user will make it possible to list all the threats they have encountered and allow others to benefit from their experience - because in this war, no one fights alone.

The solution is above all both collaborative and technological, which is the approach Stormshield has chosen to endorse. Stormshield, provider of innovative technologies, will make sure that your transition to the GDPR runs smoothly. Contact us to find out more and to understand what our technologies can do to enhance the protection of your personal data.